Independent Candidate for House District #69 Harrison, Bridgton, Denmark

IN 2018!

I am running for office because I have extensive leadership experience, great ideas, and a "can get it done" attitude, all of which will be of great benefit to the community.  —Walter Riseman

Harrison Town Moderator, Harrison Board of Appeals, Gray Town Council, CAP Finance Director of Maine, Oxford Hills Growth Council, Maine Development Foundations...



The 2018 District Questionnaire is now available. You can help establish the priority issues for our communities. Included on the survey are 20 issues. You choose the most important.



As an Independent I subscribe to the values and principles of Unite America. This organization is a leader promoting Independents across the country and specifically Maine.



Please join me as I run for office to be able to understand and  represent the needs of our area in the western foothills of Maine.  I am excited to run, but I cannot succeed without you. Please join me!





The U.S. Senate Republicans passed their tax revision bill this November 2017. They tossed a tiny bone to the lower and middle classes and are about to make the rich massively richer by trillions of dollars.


No doubt this will have an economic and societal effect on Maine, it will not be a good one. This extreme partisan governing has got to come to an end.


In good conscience, I cannot stand by idly and not be willing to be a part of a solution that is in the best interest of our citizens. Today I am renewing my commitment to make myself available to run as an Independent for the State House of Representatives in District 69 in 2018.


I am running for office as an Independent because I want to represent people and not political parties. Too often decisions are made because of political posturing and not because of the wants or needs of the constituency they represent.


Voters continue to be frustrated and angry about the ability of our government to get things done. Too often, extreme ideologies stand in the way of progress and leadership refuses to move towards compromise.


This is where LEADERSHIP plays a key role. I have a proven record of leadership. I believe that for the legislative process to work more effectively it will require working the process from the middle out and not from the outside in. What this means is we have to recognize and accept our political differences but more importantly seek solutions that best serve all of our constituencies. As your Independent Representative, I will strive to work with all like-minded lawmakers to find the best solutions to issues that will bring solutions.


Another reason for supporting me is my vast EXPERIENCE of over 30 years.  I have been a small business owner, a Chief Financial Officer of a community action non-profit, a former foster parent and an adoptive parent of a special needs children. I understand the community, especially after having been involved with many of the issues affecting our citizens' lives including poverty, affordable housing, transportation, economic development, and education.


Please vote for me in 2018. I am ready to make things WORK!

“Walter Riseman is one of the most dedicated people I know when it comes to helping others, not only in his private life, but his professional life as well. Walter puts his decades of experience being the CFO of a large corporation and his years of being a small business owner himself to work for others whenever needed.”


—Glen Holmes

    Director of Operations

    Community Concepts Finance Corporation





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